You know the shell or coconut shell? For most people may not be useful coconut shell. Coconut shell when in fact it is very useful to be made crafts.
Who would have thought with a modified shell waste capitalize with pandanus and banana bark rope, this one makes the product worth of art and the more desirable. Therefore, not surprisingly, various handicrafts made ​​from coconut shell is often found in every shopping mall in the downtown area attractions such as Yogyakarta, Bali and Lombok.

Various Forms

Coconut shell crafts being sold to be used as hand pieces with different shapes. Starting from women's accessories such as pins, picture frames, to home furnishings like spoons and bowls.
Besides coconut shells can also be formed into drinking glasses, trays, lampshades, spoon, fork, or spoon vegetable. With the touch of a very fine art, handicrafts coconut shell looks very artistic. Even the results of this coconut shell crafts can be a variety of bags with various shapes (models) and sizes, various forms of model rail curtains, lamp cup, cap, manik-manik/kancing, and others.

The materials needed to make kerajianan from coconut shells is fairly easy to obtain, such as wood glue, tangkel (coconut shell), putty, melamine, sandpaper and paint. Also texwood also needed to be made crafts such as product order desk and small closet attached tangkel.Agar visible exterior artistic, fiber from coconut shell should be highlighted. Because diseratlah inherent artistic value stronger than this effort, in addition to unique forms are made.